CBS - We Are Austin

In this interview with “CBS” - We Are Austin, I explain what tax deeds & tax lien certificates are and I show the residents of Austin how they too can become tax sale investors just like Jim Holzknecht.

KSAT - SA Live

I made an appearance on KSAT to get the San Antonians pumped about this little known real-estate investing strategy! I also set up a free workshop in order to explain everything they need to know about tax liens & tax deeds.

KXAN - Studio 52

I held a free workshop with Jim Holzknech in Austin showing people how they can start investing in real estate on a budget.

Joel D. Roberts

I was so excited to be interviewed by Joel Roberts, one of the world's top media and communications consultant. Mr. Roberts didn’t hold back and asked me about my life story, business and real-estate career.


David Grasso and Lyndsay Christian from Bold TV interview me to discuss the changing marketplace. They brought me onto their platform in order to share my advice with their entrepreneurial viewers who are looking to avoid the pitfalls of the gig economy.

Also: Rockin' Support

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